Our brand new range of latest generation, variable speed, direct drive VSDD rotary screw compressors are designed for continuous use applications or where multiple operators require compressed air at one time.

Fully configurable with a range of supply, output and receiver tank sizes, these highly efficient compressors offer a greater operating range to meet high-demand air requirements and optimise energy usage.

Fitted with a refrigerated dryer to reduce air moisture and available with optimal particle and oil air filtration system to support guidelines in meeting air quality standard classification 2-4-2 in accordance with ISO 8573-1.

Find out more about each unit below.

Direct drive transmission for improved power transfer
Precision-engineered twin parallel rotary screws for efficient positive drive transmission.

Variable speed motor delivers even power distribution
The inverter motor control enables automated soft-start and slope-down functionality, for even torque distribution when powering-up and controlled load descent.

Silenced cabinet ensures reduced noise operation
Heavy-duty silenced cabinet minimises vibration and operates at reduced noise levels.

Large air receivers support high air consumption
Designed to safely store high volume compressed air, helping to ensure a stable flow and meet pressure peaks when in operation.



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